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We have had an isolated indecent of Canine Distemper in our kennels and as a precautionary measure we are closing the Kennels department for the next 2 weeks to make sure all animals are healthy when going home. We apologise for the inconvenience but we feel this is in the best interest of these animals. The situation will be reassessed at the beginning of September. For further information, call the Adoptions Centre on 021 700 4152 or email

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Dog Ella
Ella is an adult female Corgi cross. Sweet Ella was shy at first but has blossomed into a happy girl. She walks well on her lead and although nervous of her mates at first settles with them quite quickly. She is very active but mostly just wants to smell new things. She told us she is ready to go home for good now where she can be cuddled every night.

Dog Bianca
Bianca is an adult female Collie. She simply loves being cuddled. She is quite the social butterfly. Bianca will be a loyal and faithful companion to any family.

Dog Sasha
Sasha is an adult female Collie cross. She has the most beautiful eyes. She is a happy and sociable girl. She gets along with both males and females and will settle easily into an active family lifestyle. She is so playful and loves to chew on a hoof for hours on end. Sasha will be great with toddlers as she is so loving but also very gentle. She is eager to learn and will be a great running buddy.

Dog Fletcher
Fletcher is an adult male Jack Russell. He might have longer legs than his other JR friends but this just means he runs faster than them. He prefers the company of female friends and can play for hours. He is very active and needs a family that is going to take him for daily walks.

Dog Scampy
Scampy is an adult female Maltese. She came in with two puppies a short while ago. She was a great mommy and is now looking for a home where she can be considered the baby who will be well looked after and loved. She is so sweet and smiles when she is really excited to see you. Scampy will be happy to go to a home with kids of any age.

Dog Lexi
Lexi is an adult female Jack Russell. She is quite a feisty little lady. She is very affectionate and loves to run. She will only be suited to a male companion and no cats. She keeps her bigger mate in check and does not allow him to jump all over her which is good as she is teaching him some manners. Lexi will make a great family pet.

Dog Sheba
Sheeba is an adult female GSD. She was the abused dog from the video that went viral. Was-as in past tense. She has come a long way from then and with lots of hard work from staff and regular volunteers she is blossoming into the sweet girl she was born to be. She is still weary of a lead being put around her neck but has made massive improvements in a very short time. What she requires is a calm household where she will be respected and treated with patience and understanding. She has become very loving and even playful with some of us when she is on her walks. Strict adoption procedures apply. She would be suited as a single pet or with a male mate but needs to be fed separately. She is not a fan of cats and only older children who are able to be calm around her will be considered. This sweet girl deserves a second chance as her first one was tainted with human cruelty. Sheeba is waiting for the right home and is ready to be loved.

Dog Ted
Ted is an adult male Pomeranian cross. Sweet boy Ted was surrendered with his equally handsome brother Leo. They are both very easy going little gentlemen who would be happy to go to the same home but also fine with each going their separate ways. Teds curious face and horse bark makes him quite the character. Ted would prefer an older couple with older kids just because that is what he is used to.

Dog Leo
Leo is an adult male Pomeranian cross. Like his brother Ted Leo is very easy going. His unique stature makes him look like a Collie that was somehow shrunk down into a mini dog. He was more timid than his brother when they first came in but is now happily waiting at the gate to go for morning walks. They both even play around in the mud when they can. Leo does not really like kids chasing him around as this makes him nervous so he would prefer older kids around him.

Dog Buddy
Buddy is an adult male Crossbreed. Buddy is a funny character. He sits quietly at times or he is playful and full of beans! He is very handsome and is very clever. He likes to play with his mates and is very playful with us humans too. He is eager to go on adventures and have play dates in a dog park. Buddy is great with everyone he meets and will complete any family.

Dog Jess
Jess is a young adult female GSD cross. She is very affectionate. She enjoys her walks and will make a great running partner. Jess promises to love you forever.

Dog Kelly
Kelly is a young adult female Collie cross. She is an intelligent lass with a heart of gold. She is looking for her second chance at a happy ending. Kelly will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Dog Walker
Walker is a young adult male Border Collie cross. He is looking for a family who knows the breed as he is a very active chap and requires daily stimulation. He has a sweet nature. Walker’s bouncy nature will be best suited to a family with older children.

Dog Jade
Jade is an adult female Pom cross. She is sweet and gentle and has loads of personality. Jade will make a great companion to any family.

Dog Morris
Morris is an adult male Akita cross. He is one handsome and intelligent guy. He was surrendered to us with his sister Molly but they have come such a long way since then. Morris needs an active family as he is by nature a very active dog. He needs long walks and mental stimulation to keep him occupied. This gentle boy has the sweetest nature and loves to be cuddled as well.

Dog Molly
Molly is an adult female Akita cross. All she wants is to be cuddled. She is so gentle and waits patiently for you to call her over. She is learning how to walk on her leash as no-one taught her before. Molly and her brother Morris need mental stimulation so they can be the happy dogs they were born to be. This sweet lass will need an active family and will be fine with children of any age.

Dog Bella
Bella is a young adult female Labrador. She walks well on a lead. She is quite a strong lass. She is still learning to have people make a fuss over her but she does love her belly rubs. Bella is looking for an active family with older children and no cats.

Dog Gabby
Gabby is an adult female Crossbreed. She loves her two legged friends as well as her four legged friends. She is very patient however she is not keen on feline friends. Gabby will make a wonderful companion to nay family.

Dog Jock
Jock is a young adult male Terrier cross who weighs 8.52 kilograms. He is a very intense but happy chap. He loves his mates very much. He has a gentle nature and is very sweet too. Jock will complete any family.

Dog Nala
Nala is an adult female Crossbreed who weighs between 15-20 kilograms. She is a gentle giant who loves to be hugged. She knows how to sit for treats. She gets along very well with her kennel mate. Nala would make a lovely companion to an active family with older children.

Dog Mika
Mika is an adult female Min Pin cross. She is very sociable with a sweet disposition. She gets along well with her other canine friends. Mika is looking for someone who will shower with love and kisses.

Dog Rango
Rango is an adult male Corgi cross. He is a happy and confident little chap. He is playful and when in the mood enjoys to play ball. Rango needs a home with no young children and no cats.



Hill’s Helps Give Adopted Pets a New Start

To help give your newly adopted pet the best new start, Hill’s will be giving all pet owners adopting a pet at the SPCA a small bag of Hill’s Science Plan.

Puppies receive a starter kit, which includes a 1kg Science Plan bag. Small and medium dogs will take Hillshome a 1kg bag of Science Plan Adult or Mature Adult Mini or Medium. Large breeds will take home a 3kg bag of Science Plan Adult or Mature Adult Large Breed.

How to adopt

As the first step, you will need to complete the dog adoption form

This information helps us find the right pet for you. Choose a pet from the selection alongside, or visit the SPCA to meet the animals available for adoption.

It costs R630 to adopt a dog, which includes sterilisation, the first vaccination, de-worming, an ID disc and a microchip – PLUS you also take home a free bag of Hill's pet food.

When applying to adopt a pet, please note that a non-refundable deposit of R100 is required, which is included in the total adoption fee. Kindly email proof of the deposit along with a completed application form to or fax to 021 705 2127 for the attention of the SPCA Animal Centre.

If you think walking through the kennels will upset you, please make an appointment to meet a couple of animals (based on the information you’ve supplied on your adoption form) privately.

Call Adoptions on 021 700 4179 to make an appointment.



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