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Dog Stevie
Stevie is a 3year old male Staffie. He is a very loyal and affectionate boy who will happily climb into your lap for big kisses. He needs an active home with older kids. Stevie was not socialized as a puppy and is often uncertain on what is normal play. For this reason we are confident that he needs to be an only pet. This means that he cannot go to a home with cats or another mate. With some work Stevie will be an amazing family member. This handsome boy deserves his chance at happiness.

Dog Savannah
Savannah is an eight month old female crossbreed. She was surrendered to us as her family felt they could no longer give her the attention she needs. Savannah is actually not a demanding girl. We have found that with regular exercise some love and giving her a friend to play with she has blossomed into a brave and happy girl. Her confidence has grown and her personality has shone through. She definitely needs an active home and therefore no couch potatoes need apply. She would be happy to be an only dog and have regular play dates with other friends at the park. She would also be happy to go to a home with another male. Savannah is not good with cats and would suit a family with older kids.

Dog Cesar
Cesar is a young adult male Crossbreed. This handsome boy was given to someone as a Christmas present and is the perfect example why we are against this idea to begin with. After a short while he was no longer wanted and was handed in to us. But handsome Cesar soon overcame this rejection after receiving so much love from us here in kennels. He is now confident happy and very active. He deserves a home where he can be loved the way he deserves. He is a darling boy who chases after his ball and runs into your arms when he sees you coming.

Dog Hayley
Hayley is a young adult Ridgeback cross. She has had a very hard start to life and spent most of her puppy life ties up. She was rescued by a concerned family member who brought her into us for help.

Dog Solo
Solo is an adult male Jack Russell. His legs may look funny to some but this boy is super speedy. He is very confident and would suit a female mate. Solo is very energetic and loves to play with his female buddies. Solo is fun loving and playful and would be happiest with older children who can throw his tennis balls around for him. Solo does not enjoy the company of cats and prefers to spend time with his humans.

Dog Jumbo
Jumbo is a two year old Collie cross. He was handed in to us as his owners had to move and could not take him with them. He is a sweet guy who is very protective over his female mates. Jumbo can be considered to be a vocal boy but he is almost always saying hello. He is one of a kind and his little stump of a tail has some tuffs of hair that swish around whenever his tail wags. His tails wags all the time and he is well socialized. Jumbo would really love to go to a home where there is another dog to play with.

Dog Princess
Princess is a young adult female Crossbreed. She was surrendered to us as her owners could no longer care for her. She is a busy girl! She loves going for long runs and is very active. She is also very clever and observant. Princess is new to the block but this sweetheart now wants to move on to her forever home. She is so loving is looking for her happy ending.

Dog Molly
Molly is a young adult Wirehaired cross. This unique looking fuzzy young lady is one of a kind. She came to us in a state of neglect and had some mange. But that quickly cleared up and her fuzzy hair is here to stay. She is very sweet and well socialized. Molly will hardly shed and is also a lover of water. She was found as a stray so she must have been out searching for a forever home. We have promised to do the searching for her. She would not be suited to a home with cats.

Dog Leonard
Leonard is an adult male Corgi cross. He is a sweet boy who enjoys the outdoors. He would be great with other companions and has an eager nature. He is always happy and has assured us whichever home he ends up in will be one full of fun. Leonard is always chatting to his neighbours and cannot wait to meet everyone when he is out in the fields. Leonard does chase cats.

Dog Jasper
Jasper is a five year old male Terrier cross Maltese. He is a big boy and he has loads of energy. Jasper would be better suited to a home with no toddlers. He is very happy to share his home with another female. Jasper reckons he deserves his chance at a forever happy home. Jasper needs daily walks and would not suit couch potatoes. He enjoys being groomed and would be a great companion to someone who is at home during the day.

Dog Domino
Domino is an adult female Dalmatian cross. Her very distinctive features match her very unique personality. She is an independent lady who has come a long way with us. Found as a stray this strong girl needs an active family with older kids. She could share her home with another confident male but she unfortunately does not like cats. Domino has learnt that humans are capable of giving love and she is capable of receiving love too. She is waiting for the perfect family to now come along.

Dog Axel
Axel is an adult male Maltese cross Wirehair. This energetic and bouncy boy has lots to say. He is too energetic for toddlers and needs someone who will understand his grooming needs. He loves water and swims daily in his little pool. He is very sweet and will need an active family.

Dog O.J.
O.J. is a young adult male Crossbreed. O.J. is an active boy. He needs a secure home and to be kept mentally stimulated. He enjoys having playtime with his girl furry friends and is always wanting to play with his human buddies too. He would be best suited to a home with older kids and no cats. O.J. has learnt to walk so nicely on a leash and was even in the newspaper a few weeks back. He has been bragging that he is now famous and will be going home soon. Can you make O.J’s dream come true?

Dog Wiggles
Wiggles is a young adult female Crossbreed. There is only one reason we decided to name Wiggles just that...her little body wiggles non-stop. She has a docked tail and has grown up wagging her entire body instead. She is always happy so her body is always wagging. It is quite a sight to see. Her face is also always smiling. Wiggles does not like cats but love to play with her mates. She is well socialized and will be great with kids. This girl will definitely bring laughter and fun into your home. We are pretty sure she will be spoilt rotten in whichever home she ends up in as we ourselves find it hard to resist that waggy bum and give her constant cuddles.

Dog Hugh
Hugh is an adult male Crossbreed. He loves the ladies. He loves them so much that he climbs out of his kennel to get to them. When you see this tiny boy you will be shocked at how agile he is. He is such fun and has us in stitches most of the time. Hugh is full of energy but still loves to be cuddled now and then. He is easy going but is not fond of cats. Especially when they climb up trees to get away from him. Hugh will be great with older kids who can maintain his fun-loving lifestyle.



Hill’s Helps Give Adopted Pets a New Start

To help give your newly adopted pet the best new start, Hill’s will be giving all pet owners adopting a pet at the SPCA a small bag of Hill’s Science Plan.

Puppies receive a starter kit, which includes a 1kg Science Plan bag. Small and medium dogs will take Hillshome a 1kg bag of Science Plan Adult or Mature Adult Mini or Medium. Large breeds will take home a 3kg bag of Science Plan Adult or Mature Adult Large Breed.

How to adopt

Please visit our premises in Grassy Park to fill out an adoption form. This information helps us match you to the right pet. You can see some of the animals currently up for adoption alongside.

It costs R630 to adopt a dog, which includes sterilisation, the first vaccination, de-worming, an ID disc and a microchip – PLUS you also take home a free bag of Hill's pet food.

When applying to adopt a pet, please note that a non-refundable deposit of R100 is required, which is included in the total adoption fee.

Please e-mail proof of deposit – using 'Adoptions' followed by your initial and surname as the beneficiary reference – to or fax to 021 705 2127.

If you think walking through the kennels will upset you, please make an appointment to meet a couple of animals (based on the information you’ve supplied on your adoption form) privately.

To contact our Animal Care Centre, call us on 021 700 4152 or email


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