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lost and found

Lost and found

Dozens of stray dogs and cats stream into the SPCA every day. Visit us to personally check if your pet is at the SPCA. Why? Although details of strays are advertised – and owners are given ten days to claim their pets – bear in mind that your dog could well fit the description of 10 other strays!

Even if you live some distance from Grassy Park, please check with us if you have lost a dog or cat as we receive animals from all over the greater Cape Town area.

If stray animals are not claimed from the SPCA in 10 days, they are put up for adoption. A release fee of R250 is charged when an animal is claimed. This includes a microchip if the animal doesn’t have one. If the animal had to be collected by an SPCA Inspector, an additional R100 is charged to cover these costs.

For more information and to report a lost or found animal please contact Candice Lakay on 021 700 4166 or email Alternatively you may download and complete the form and fax it to 021 7052127 for the attention of Candice Lakay.

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lost dogs

What happens to stray animals at the SPCA?

If a dog or cat is lost, with no identification, and brought to (or collected by) the SPCA, he will first be checked out by a vet.

Then he joins the other strays in the kennels or cattery to wait for his owner to claim him.

If he is not claimed within 7 days, he is put up for adoption.

If you have lost a beloved pet, please call in at our Grassy Park Animal Centre to see if we have him.


Microchips get dogs home

Is your pet microchipped? Does he wear a collar and ID disc?

If not, please arrange this now – before it’s too late. Thousands – yes, thousands – of dogs and cats go missing from homes every year.

Having a microchip (a grain-sized capsule painlessly inserted by a vet) ensures that your details can be ‘read’ by a scanner if your pet is picked up as a stray.

Ollie's microchip reunited him with his family!

Speak for animals
that can't speak for themselves

Adopt a new pet

If, despite your best efforts, your beloved dog or cat cannot be found, perhaps you can find another loyal companion at our adoption centre?

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