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Frontline action for animals

The men and women in the SPCA’s Inspectorate are on the frontline in our fight against animal cruelty. Every day they face challenging, intimidating and often threatening situations where animals are at risk. In order for them to adequately handle these encounters and ensure that those responsible for animal abuse are held accountable, they must be skilled and trained to rescue animals in distress, issue warnings, seize animals in appalling conditions and instigate legal action against abusive and neglectful owners.

The SPCA will lay charges against anyone who contravenes the Animals Protection Act and whilst the rate of conviction is slow, this does not deter us from taking punitive action against those who harm animals. By working closely with the Mayoral Committee of Cape Town, the Inspectorate will advise them on Municipal Animal By-Laws, geared to offer increased protection for the rights of animals.

The Inspectorate ensures that every animal has the right to the following freedoms:

1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
2. Freedom from Discomfort
3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease
4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour
5. Freedom from Fear and Distress

In addition to speaking to hundreds of animal owners on responsible animal care during their daily work, their initiatives included: combating cruelty (including dog fighting) through educational talks in schools and at community gatherings; Increasing the number of proactive outreaches in communities and Increasing Inspectorate visibility in informal settlements around Cape Town.

The SPCA is the only organisation that offers a 24-hour Inspectorate service. Contact our inspectorates by calling the control number 021 700 4158/4159, or after hours call 083 326 1604

Although we have specialised inspectors in the Wildlife, Horse Care, Farm Animal and Feral Cat units, all operate together as one Inspectorate unit.

  • They said it would never be done ...

    I was told I was mad, it could not be done, it would never be done ...

    I both live and work in Observatory, where we have a healthy supply of "bergies". One of them, who goes by the name of Troubles is currently enjoying State hospitality in Pollsmoor. He owns some small dogs, none of which had been sterilised. They were being cared for by some people in Salt River. The mommy recently had puppies. Much as I was supplying some dog food to assist, I finally realised that more should be done.

    I contacted Inspector Moyo and explained the situation to him. This was on a Thursday and he told me that it would not be feasible to collect the dogs on a Friday but it would be done on the Monday. They would be sterilised on the Tuesday and returned on the Wednesday.

    People laughed at me, saying the SPCA does not run that kind of service.

    IT ALL HAPPENED! I gather Inspector Moyo handed the matter to Inspector Joseph who duly collected the dogs in Salt River. The puppies remained at SPCA for possible adoption as they were not wanted.

    I just cannot thank SPCA enough for the wonderful service. I am too grateful for words, knowing the puppies are safe and that there won't be more. Your inspectors were fantastic and I trust their dedication is recognised. (Rosemary Robins)

  • Do you have a story to tell?

    We'd love to hear about your experiences of the SPCA service. Please email - we'll share the best stories here.

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