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dog rescue

Being part of a rescue like this brings such a sense of satisfaction!

Imagine wading through freezing, waist high water in the pouring rain ... in the middle of winter ... to reach a dog trapped in the vlei. And only realising the full horror of the situation as you get close enough to see that the dog has a hard black plastic container firmly wedged on its head.

Shaking with cold and fear ... unable to see, hear or even breathe properly – this desperate animal must have given up all hope ... simply lying there in the cold and rain waiting to die.

Then, the unbelievable happened! It was lifted up in strong, gentle arms and carried to safety. No wonder the dog clung so fiercely to Inspector Matthews.

Back at the SPCA, there were towels and soft, warm blankets waiting. The plastic container was cut loose, and the starving dog was given what must have been its first meal in days.

Our vet said that he did not think the dog would have survived another night out in the vlei. Starvation and hypothermia would have taken their toll.

donateAnd that’s why, with the nip of winter already in the air, we're asking you to help us be prepared.


Your donation, made right now online, will help us stock up on special machine-washable pet blankets ... warm bedding for the stables ... and extra hay, oats, horse cubes, dog and cat food – because animals burn up more energy keeping warm in winter.

It would be wonderful if you could make your contribution now, before winter sets in. Because it’s only a matter of time before low lying areas are flooded with freezing water, causing great hardship to people living there. And if people are suffering, how much worse off are their animals?

Most of these dogs and cats live outside – and must find what shelter they can from the elements. Our Inspectors will be kept busy rescuing dogs and cats that have crept into drains, old crates and derelict buildings in search of warmth ... and horses left to stand in open fields, without even a blanket to protect them from the wind and rain.

Please let the warmth of your kindness touch them this winter, and make your contribution now. Thank you sincerely.

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R100 a month
keeps a dog safe with vaccinations and dipping

R320 a month
feeds one dog or cat

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