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Rescued horse

You too can make a difference

Last October, a worried old man turned up at our SPCA, leading a very thin and broken down black pony. He'd found the horse in Manenberg – tied up and unable to stand. We're not quite sure how he got the horse up and coaxed it to walk almost 11km to Grassy Park.

We do know that every step must have been agony for the pony, which was suffering from protacted colic.

It must have taken them hours to get here! Apart from being ill, the pony was extremely thin and weak, and had huge infected harness sores all over his body. We didn't hold out much hope for him.

But the staff and volunteers of our Horse Care Unit are a very determined and dedicated bunch! Having been entrusted with the task of saving the pony by the old man, they weren't about to give up without a fight.

Once the pain medication took effect, they spent hours walking Prince (as we named him) to ease the colic, encouraging him with gentle words and much petting and affection. 

And poor, broken down Prince seemed to sense that maybe ... just maybe ... there was a reason to go on.
donateOur Horse Care Unit staff do the 'hands on' work. But you are also part of the 'reason'.

Because it's contributions from people like you that paid for horse cubes and hay to build up Prince's strength ... a warm stable out of the wind and rain ... veterinary treatment for the ugly wounds on his body ... and specialist hoof care.

When you hear that Prince is just one of 12 equines in our care at the moment ... and that we receive no government subsidy ... you'll understand that your generosity is our only hope of saving these animals.

If you'd been the one to find Prince – so thin and weak and covered in sores – wouldn't you have tried to help him? Your gift today means horses like him will feel your compassion, even when you're not there in person.

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