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Wiggle Waggle

Merie isn't a large or aggressive dog. But when her family was in danger during a recent home invasion, she didn’t hesitate. An older couple died in the attack, but the dog’s bravery under fire saved their children’s lives.

Now they had to save hers. The bullet shattered her leg and she needed emergency veterinary care. But they couldn’t afford to take her to a vet.

Thankfully they knew about our service for underprivileged pet owners – and brought little Merie to our SPCA.

Sadly we couldn’t save the leg. It had to be amputated to prevent further pain and complications. But Merie was soon running around again on three legs. Her owners bring her back for regular checkups to make sure the wound is healing properly.

And every time we see this little dog, we say a silent prayer of thanks for people like you, who donate to keep our animal hospital and clinic going.

Without your support to keep this service going, animals belonging to impoverished people might not get the veterinary treatment that could save their lives. Not because their owners don’t love them or want to help them ... but because they can’t afford private vet fees.

When every day is a battle to feed and clothe your family, pets have to survive on scraps or what they can scavenge. But even though life is tough for both humans and animals, the bonds between them are strong. No dog would risk their own life – as Merie did – for someone they don't love.


If you've known the love of a loyal dog, cat, horse or other special animal, please consider ‘paying it forward’ – by making a donation towards the cost of providing health and healing for other pets who might otherwise have no access to veterinary help.

Your gift will help keep our clinic and animal hospital running – providing anesthetic drugs, surgical equipment and instruments, sutures, swabs, bandages, painkillers, ointment and antibiotics.

As the festive holiday season approaches, we need to stock up on these essential items. Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that our veterinary and clinic staff will be rushed off their feet in the coming weeks.

So please will you make your donation right now online – and help us save as many sick and injured animals as possible.


Latest news

Simonstown Fire

Even though the devastating fires in Simon's Town seem to be under control now, members of the public are warned not to venture out in an effort to help injured wildlife yet, as flare ups are unpredictable. You can help by filling shallow containers with water and keeping them in your garden, so that animals fleeing the burn site can find water.

While we wait for the green light from the authorities, our Wildlife Unit is busy preparing to treat what we believe will be significant numbers of animals injured in the fire. Donations toward rescue efforts would be greatly appreciated.

If you find an injured animal, try to contain it in a box and cover the box with a blanket or towel to keep the animal calm. Bring the animal to our Grassy Park premises or call us on 021 700 4158/9 or 083 326 1604 after hours. If you would like to assist with search and rescue efforts, please call us or email .

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