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Understanding feral cats

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA believes that feral cats deserve caretaking just as much as the kitties with whom we share our homes.

Feral cats are often victims of abandonment, accidental loss and failure by owners to sterilise their pets.

It's easy to confuse a feral cat with a stray cat (hint: feral cats are the offspring of lost or abandoned pet cats or other feral cats who are not fixed). They don't easily adapt, or may never adapt, to living as pets in close contact with people, but they still need our help. Many don't survive - if they do, their lives aren't easy without human caretakers.

Free-roaming cats can have an impact on wildlife, and it is important that this also be acknowledged as part of the dynamic of dealing with feral cats.

The SPCA endorses Trap-Neuter-Return, which helps improve the health and quality of life for feral cats and prevents more from being born into this dangerous and difficult existence.

To read more about the SPCA’s Feral Cat Unit and for some helpful advice on how to help feral cats in your community click here.

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