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Protecting the rights of
farm animals

Farm animals

Whilst most people think the SPCA just helps dogs and cats, in reality we speak for, protect and care for all animals, of which farm animals make up a good chunk of our time and resources.

Our Inspectors regularly remove stray cattle and goats left to pasture dangerously on the side of major highways; confiscate chickens kept in filthy conditions with no food and water from roadside markets and regularly take in neglected sheep.

We also inspect farming practices and abattoirs and provide advice to the City Council where necessary. This unit has the power to confiscate animals deemed to be at risk and to prosecute offenders.

Farm animals and poultry have the same rights as any other creature, i.e.:

  1. Appropriate food and constant access to fresh, clean drinking water.
  2. To be kept in an appropriate environment that provides shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  3. Prompt veterinary attention when necessary to treat illness or injury.
  4. Sufficient space to move around freely, and company.
  5. To be treated in a way that ensures freedom from fear and distress, in conditions that avoid mental suffering.

School visitIn June 2011 we opened our new livestock pound or SPCA Farmyard as it is affectionately known. The Farmyard in Grassy Park provides shelter and care for stray and confiscated livestock.

The SPCA Farmyard is not just a working unit, but is also an extension of the SPCA Education programme. Custom-designed education boards positioned throughout the facility, display interesting facts on farm animals that enable SPCA Educators to show children, the farmers of tomorrow, how to care for farm animals responsibly and the benefits of proper care and informed sterilisation.

If you wish to report the neglect or abuse of any farm animals please contact us on: 021 700 4158/4159 or in emergencies 083 326 1604.

Tours of the SPCA Farmyard take place every Friday afternoon between 3pm and 4pm. To make a booking please contact the SPCA Education department on tel.
021 700 4181/40 or email

Sheep feel pain and fear too ...

dead sheep stop cruelty

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