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City of Cape Town Animal By-Law and pet registration

Have you registered your pets?

According to the City of Cape Town’s Animal By-Law, cat and dog owners are required to register their pets, and if necessary, apply for a permit to keep more than the prescribed number allowed per dwelling. Pet owners with more animals than allowed on their properties have until 31 July to apply to the City to keep their pets.

Maximum number of dogs/cats allowed

Property type Number dogs allowed Number cats allowed
Dwelling Unit (i.e. single family unit – i.e. townhouse; flat)
Dwelling House (single family unit with not more than two buildings)
Large dwelling House (house on erf of more than six hundred m²)
Agricultural property
Any other property

Where to register

You can register pets online, or dowload pet registration form, complete and submit to the Law Enforcement Office nearest to you – or fax it to 086 576 2465.

Pet registration forms are also available from the City of Cape Town website from all Law Enforcement Offices and libraries.

In addition the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park and their SPCA Vet Shop in Plumstead (6 Gabriel Road) will also have copies of forms.

Pet owners who visit the SPCA and complete the forms can immediately hand them back to the SPCA, who will take responsibility for submitting them to Law Enforcement on behalf of the pet owner.

If you need to apply for permission to keep more than the allowed number of pets,
download form to apply for additional pets.

These restrictions do not apply to pet shops; facilities where guide-dogs are kept and trained; veterinary clinics; police and defense force dog units; animal pounds and those permitted to keep more than the specified number of animals.

Our CEO Allan Perrins says that the CoGH SPCA is concerned about how Law Enforcement will deal with responsible pet owners who have more than the maximum number of cats and/or dogs allowed.

“Whilst we understand the need to limit the number of pets per household for animal and human health and welfare reasons, in reality there are going to be cases where responsible pet owners have more than the specified maximum number of animals allowed under the new bylaws. We just hope that where the owner has the space and resources to properly care for their pets and has shown themselves to be a caring and responsible pet owner, that Law Enforcement will show leniency and allow them to keep their animals until they naturally pass on.

"We would not support a solution which entailed forced removal,” said Perrins.

Read the offical City of Cape Town press release

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R320 a month
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Just R25 a month
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Our Mission

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s mission, enshrined in its constitution, is:

  • To prevent cruelty and the ill treatment of animals by promoting their good treatment by man;
  • To prevent the wanton and improper treatment of animals;
  • To encourage kindness and consideration towards animals, including the establishment and promotion of junior movements;
  • To maintain and protect animal and bird life in their natural habitats;
  • To educate the entire community with regard to the humane treatment of animals and compassion for them.

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