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Royal Canin

Third time lucky for 'Bibs'

This 6 year old Friesland cross Jersey cow has cheated death not once, but twice!

But we didn’t know that when we found her, chained to a heavy tractor tyre on a school field in Kuilsriver.

She was so thin and weak that she could hardly stand, let alone walk. Our Inspector had to literally drag her into the trailer to bring her back to Grassy Park. In his heart, he did not think she would survive the trip - but he was determined to try and save her anyway.

At our farmyard ICU, we concentrated on saving her life and nursing her back to health and strength. In the meantime, our Inspectorate opened a case of animal cruelty against her owner. That’s when we found out that this was not the first time Bibs had cheated death!

Years ago, her owner stumbled across a freshly slaughtered cow that was heavily pregnant. He performed what can best be described as an emergency caesarean to save the calf (Bibs), which he hand-reared. As she grew older and bigger, the challenges of keeping a pet cow in his backyard grew, until he decided to tether her to the tractor tyre at a nearby school.

Bibs spent almost all of her adult life here, confined to a 2 metre grazing radius.

To find food, water and shelter from the elements, she had to drag the heavy tyre behind her. When she was tormented by people or dogs set on her, she had no choice but to try and defend herself as best she could, causing the chain to dig deep into her neck until it became firmly embedded and grossly infected.

We can only imagine the unrelenting misery she suffered.

But she has since made a full recovery. Words cannot express our delight at seeing her explore her new found freedom. She seems to know instinctively that she owes her life to our CEO, Allan Perrins, who made the decision not to release her from her pain that first day. She loves spending time with him and covering him with kisses from her huge velvety-black nose.

By the time you read this, she will be living at Diemersfontein, the most beautiful wine estate in the Boland.

It's stories like these that make our work so rewarding. And it's people like you – who feel compassion for all animals – that make them possible.

As we begin a new year, with all the challenges it will bring, we ask you to please stand with us against animal cruelty. Your donation – made online right now – pays the vets' bills ... buys food for the animals in our care ... fills the tanks of our Inspectors' vehicles ... and makes our work possible.


Thank you for being one of our caring and generous supporters. May 2015 bring you all the blessings you so richly deserve.

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