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It's not only about us!

Human Rights Day (21 March) and Freedom Day (27 April) highlight the rights of people to live peaceful, productive and happy lives. But what about the rights of ALL living creatures?

According to law, animals have the right to:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress

But the reality falls far short, especially for farm animals and poultry. Battery hens spend their whole lives in tiny cages – unable to stand, stretch their wings or scratch in the soil. As if that’s not bad enough, once their laying days are over (a few months later), they are sold off cheaply for the pot.

Manhandled roughly like a piece of live meat, the unlucky ones may suffer broken legs or wings ... and hours of unspeakable pain and terror before they die.

If you care for all animals, please ‘speak up’ for them, by making your donation online now.

Because our Inspectors need your support to investigate cases of cruelty and neglect ... rescue, shelter and feed animals in distress ... and prosecute wrongdoers.

donateFor this vital work, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA receives no government or municipal funding.

We depend entirely on people like you for every bag of pet food and bale of hay ... every bandage, suture, tube of ointment or vial of medicine used in our animal hospital ... and every litre of fuel for the inspectors' vans.

Your generosity is our only hope of standing up for animals' right to be treated with compassion and kindness. So please will you make your donation today?

And if you cannot make a contribution right now, please vote for our SPCA in the MySchool/MyVillage/MyPlanet Vote4Charity competition. Help us win a cash prize towards our work with animals, and a Woolworths voucher for yourself!


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R100 a month
keeps a dog safe with vaccinations and dipping

R320 a month
feeds one dog or cat

Just R25 a month
adds up to R300 over a year – enough to spay or neuter a pet



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