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Fireworks season is here again

Despite having campaigned against fireworks for years, our SPCA will soon be swamped with lost, traumatised and injured animals that have tried to escape the 'big bangs'.

Most dogs' instinct is to run ... causing horrific injuries when they crash through glass windows, jump over walls or squeeze through fences. And if they do manage to break free from their homes, they could dash into a busy road and be knocked down or killed by passing cars.

The fireworks start before Diwali (23 October) and continue through Guy Fawkes (5 November) until New Year's Eve and beyond.

Please help us rescue and care for all the lost, injured and terrified animals.


We receive no funding from government or the City to cover the cost of fuel for our Inspectors' vans, veterinary treatment for injured animals, food or shelter.

Without support from animal lovers like you, these dogs, cats and other pets could not be rescued. So please make your donation now before fireworks season starts.

And, if you have animals of your own, ensure that they are safe by following these tips:

  • If possible, stay at home with them;
  • Keep pets inside, and mask noise by drawing the curtains and playing calming music;
  • Ensure pets are micro-chipped – or at least wearing a tag – to enable them to be identified;
  • If necessary ask your vet to prescribe a sedative.

If you see or hear of anyone harming an animal with fireworks ... or you find a lost or injured animal ... please call our control centre on 021 700 4158/9 or 083 326 1604 after hours.

Members of the public can also contact the Metro police 24 hour call centre on 021 596 1999 to lodge complaints regarding firework activities.

Latest news

Bag-A-Bargain of Books with the CoGH SPCA.

If youve realised that the holidays are nearly upon us and you havent a single thing to read, then best get yourself down to the Cape of Good Hope SPCAs Bag-A-Bargain Book Sale.


Think before you light that firecracker!

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA issues strong warnings and pleads with Cape Town to be considerate toward animals this coming fireworks season.


Cape of Good Hope SPCA Cool Kids Care about Animals fundraiser.

In celebration of World Animal Day on the 4 Oct and National Animal week from the 4 -11 October 2014 the Cape of Good Hope SPCA will be hosting a Cool Kids Care about Animals fundraiser in the Ahoy Play Area at the Waterfront from the 3-12 October.


Coolaroo Kick off National Animal Week with a Cool Donation.

In celebration of World Animal Day and ahead of National Animal Week, The Cape of Good Hope SPCA were thrilled with the presentation of 172 Large Coolaroo Pet Beds and a donation 60 additional pet bed covers.


Statement regarding dog weight pulling.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA stands opposed to these cruel training methods as we are of the opinion that it is both an unnatural activity and detrimental to the dogs health as outlined in the Animal Protection Act.


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