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Royal Canin

Security dog

It's just not right ...

... expecting a dog to be brave and loyal ... to warn us when strangers come round, and to face danger if necessary to keep us safe – and yet treat her so badly.

Keeping her on a chain so short she has to lie down, urinate and defecate all in one small area . . .

Leaving her with no shelter from the freezing rain and cold . . .

And giving her a dirty container of water contaminated with oil and petrol to drink.

No wonder the plight of security guard dogs makes our Chief Inspector Moyo Ndukwana so livid!

DonateMost of these dogs work a 12-hour shift. Which means this Rottweiler would have been left to huddle in the cold from six in the morning until six at night – with no opportunity to run around and stretch her legs, and only minimal human contact.

Afterwards she would have been bundled into a small cage to be transported back to a kennel for the night.

According to our vet, the dog was also underweight, which means she wasn’t even being fed properly.

But she was lucky. There are people who care ... the shocked lady who noticed the dog and reported it to us ... Inspector Moyo, who rescued the dog and followed up with the security company concerned ... and people like you, who stand beside our Inspectors in the fight to end animal cruelty.

And just as we can never, ever give up – I hope you’ll also support our work, by making a special contribution now in time for World Animal Day.

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to all animals that are cruelly treated, overworked or underfed. And those that are lost, abandoned or frightened.

Sadly, we can’t save them all. But with every one that we do save comes an enormous sense of satisfaction. And it’s a feeling you can share by making your contribution right now.

Without support from people like you, that Rottweiler would still be lying in misery, day after day, ‘guarding’ a petrol station in Mitchells Plain.

Please help us to keep saving animals from cruelty and neglect, by making a donation now.

Latest news

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The CoGH SPCA has temporarily withdrawn its services from areas in Cape Town currently experiencing violent unrest.


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The CoGH SPCA sent a letter to the editor of the Mail and Guardian newspaper in response to an article published in their paper on 19 August.


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Its time for the annual Cavendish Square Charity Book Sale where the Cape of Good Hope SPCA will be selling hundreds of books from 28-31 August on the Lower Ground Floor of the mall at bargain prices.


The CoGH SPCA issues an important reminder to pet owners to vaccinate their dogs against Canine Distemper.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA (CoGH SPCA) today issued an important reminder to pet owners, particularly of dogs, to vaccinate their puppies and dogs against Canine Distemper (CD). This comes after the society has experienced an increase in the amount of CD cases recently.


Introducing the 2014 SPCA Royal Canin Mutt and Meow of the Year

Cape Towns most handsome hound and feisty feline have been found! The 2014 SPCA Royal Canin Mutt and Meow of the Year are: Shaggy (Mutt) and Tigger (Meow), announced at a prize-giving ceremony held at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA (CoGH SPCA) premises in Grassy Park on Friday 15 August.


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