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dog fighting

This poor dog is lucky to be alive ... just another victim of the savage, illegal 'sport' of organised dog-fighting

Jaws taped shut so they can’t defend themselves ... tied up so they can’t run away – bait dogs are literally ripped to shreds by fighting dogs urged into a frenzy of savagery by their ‘trainers’. And when the training is over, the bloody bundle of fur is simply dumped somewhere and left to die.

Luckily, things ended differently for this sweet natured black and white pitbull cross. In spite of the brutal way she’d been treated, she showed no aggression towards the SPCA Inspector who rescued her from certain death. Although terrified of other dogs, she seemed to sense that she could trust this human.

But the despicable people who did this to her have never been caught. They are still making money from dogs’ pain and suffering. That's why we hope you'll support our efforts to stamp out illegal dog-fighting.

Thanks to support from compassionate people like you, Inspectors Matthews, Arendolf and Gerber were recently able to rescue three pitbulls from an informal settlement in Lansdowne, after receiving video footage of a dog fight in progress.

Fights like this can go on for hours, until one of the dogs eventually collapses from pain, exhaustion or loss of blood. Few receive veterinary treatment, even for the most horrific injuries. They are just left to suffer until they either recover or die.

During a raid in Johannesburg, NSPCA Inspectors discovered a dog whose shoulder had been torn away from its body, with only skin keeping the badly mauled limb in place. Another, which was struggling to breathe due to a damaged trachea and haemorrhaging in its throat, collapsed in the Inspector’s arms.


Both of these animals had to be put down. But the dogs we rescued in Lansdowne were more fortunate. They are now safe at the SPCA and healing nicely, and their owner has been charged with animal cruelty.

Every animal we rescue ... every court case we win ... is thanks to caring people like you. Because, without your financial support, our SPCA simply wouldn’t exist.

So please will you get behind our efforts to stop illegal dog-fighting now, by making your donation online now? Illegal dog-fighting is rife in all communities, with bets ranging from drugs and sexual favours to R1.5 million on a fight.

For the dogs involved, there are no winners . . . only pain, fear and death. No animals deserves this – please help us fight for them.

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